How does Snap Score Work? Learn calculation and boost tips!

How does Snap Score Work Learn calculation and boost tips!


Snapchat, a widely used social media platform, has a unique feature called the Snap Score. This score represents a user’s activity and engagement on the app, adding a gamification layer to the social experience. Understanding how Snap Score works can enhance your Snapchat experience, and knowing how to boost it can make you more engaged with your friends on the platform.

Understanding Snap Score

The Snap Score is a tally of your overall activity on Snapchat. It is displayed beneath your Bitmoji or profile icon on your profile page. This score combines the snaps you send and receive, stories you post, and other activities that Snapchat hasn’t fully disclosed. Despite the mystery around the exact calculation, there are known factors that contribute to your Snap Score.

Calculation of Snap Score

One of the primary components of the Snap Score is the number of snaps sent. Every snap you send increases your score, whether a photo or video. It’s believed that the more snaps you send, the higher your score will climb. On the receiving end, snaps received also contribute to your Snap Score, though typically less significantly than sending snaps.

Posting stories is another activity that affects your Snap Score. Regularly updating your Snapchat story indicates active engagement, which is rewarded by an increase in your score. Stories allow you to share moments with all your friends simultaneously, making it a significant part of your overall activity on the app.

Other factors influencing your Snap Score include adding new friends and maintaining snap streaks. Adding new friends broadens your social network and encourages more interactions, which can boost your score. Snap streaks, maintained by sending snaps back and forth with a friend for consecutive days, also play a crucial role. Long streaks demonstrate consistent activity, which is positively reflected in your score.

While Snapchat has not disclosed all the elements of the Snap Score calculation, user observations suggest that engagement with various Snapchat features also plays a part. Participating in Snapchat events, using lenses and filters, and engaging with new updates can improve scores. This gamification encourages users to explore all aspects of the app.

Tips to Boost Your Snap Score

To boost your Snap Score, start by consistently sending and receiving snaps. Daily interactions with friends are essential. You can also create group snaps to engage with multiple friends simultaneously, increasing your activity level. Regularly posting stories is another effective way to stay active and visible. Engaging with friends’ stories by viewing and responding to them can encourage reciprocation, which benefits your score.

Building and maintaining snap streaks is one of the most effective strategies for boosting your Snap Score. Start streaks with close friends, and ensure you send a daily snap to maintain them. The longer the streak, the more significant the impact on your score. It’s a fun way to stay connected and engaged with friends over time.

Expanding your Snapchat network is another key to increasing your Snap Score. Add new friends regularly and interact with them through snaps and chats. The more people you engage with, the higher your score will go. Use Snapchat’s search and friend suggestion features to find and add new contacts.

Utilizing all of Snapchat’s features can also help boost your score. Participate in special events and challenges hosted by Snapchat. These often come with their rewards and can significantly increase your activity level. Explore the lenses and filters available, as using these features can make your snaps more engaging and fun, encouraging more interactions with your friends.

Common Myths about Snap Score

There are common myths about Snap Score that need debunking. For instance, removing friends does not decrease your Snap Score. Your score is a cumulative representation of your activity, and once earned, points are not deducted for such actions. Additionally, viewing stories or watching ads on Snapchat does not impact your score. The Snap Score solely reflects your direct interactions and engagement on the platform.

Why Your Snap Score Matters

Understanding why your Snap Score matters can provide additional motivation to stay active. Socially, a higher Snap Score can reflect your level of engagement and interaction with friends, potentially boosting your standing within your social group. It is a fun metric to challenge yourself and your friends, adding a competitive edge to your Snapchat experience.

From a personal perspective, using your Snap Score as an engagement tracker can help you set goals and stay connected with friends. It’s a fun way to see how much you use the app and can encourage you to maintain regular communication with your contacts. Engaging with Snapchat responsibly, however, is essential to ensure that the fun aspects of the platform are manageable.


In conclusion, your Snap Score is a fun and engaging metric reflecting your Snapchat activity. By understanding the factors contributing to your score and following the tips to boost it, you can enhance your overall Snapchat experience. Key strategies include regularly sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, maintaining snap streaks, adding new friends, and utilizing all Snapchat features. Remember to enjoy the platform and use it as a tool to stay connected with friends.

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