Exploring the Benefits of NCLBGC Continuing Education for Contractors

Exploring the Benefits of NCLBGC Continuing Education for Contractors

The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) expects licensed general contractors in North Carolina to complete continuing education (CE) every year since 2021. Though this might sound like a significant, cumbersome change for you as a contractor, you’d be happy to know that it will come in handy to help you stay up-to-date with the latest standards, regulations, and practices in your industry. You’d be more trustworthy, competent, and marketable as a result.

Understanding the Continuing Education Requirements

All general contractors in North Carolina who want to renew their licenses must complete eight hours of CE annually. This includes a compulsory two-hour course from the NCLBGC covering important updates to laws and regulations and other relevant content for general contractors.

For the remaining 6 hours, you can take elective courses from outside approved NCLBGC Continuing Education providers like RocketCert. You aren’t limited here, which means you can take the course online, in-person, or via webinars, allowing you to accommodate important schedules and different learning preferences.

Top Benefits of Continuing Education

If you don’t like the idea of continuing education for your general license renewal in North Carolina, here are a few reasons that would make you want to change your mind:

Staying Current With Industry Standards

The construction industry is constantly changing, often adopting new technologies, methods, and materials. Taking a CE course keeps you informed about current matters or changing techniques so you won’t be left behind by your competitors.

As you update your work skills, it will be easier to deliver high-quality results that market you in your field and maintain your relevance.

Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

Some personal pride and confidence come with being skilled and knowledgeable in your field, and that’s something you can get from a CE course. These courses cover various topics, from business and job site management to building code updates and green building practices.

Simply put, if you take your CE course seriously, you can learn a lot and grow exponentially in your business practices and career in general.

Compliance With Legal Requirements

Non-compliance is an offense with severe consequences, such as fines and other legal issues. You may even ruin your credibility in the process and your chances of landing new clients. Also, once your existing customers start losing their faith in you, there’s no way to bring that back.

You can avoid all that by simply taking a CE course as mandated, guaranteeing your reputation and peace of mind.

Network Building

Taking CE courses, especially those offered as webinars or in-person, can also be a fantastic way to build high-quality networks. You will interact more with peers, instructors, and industry experts who can be your gateway to excellent collaborative opportunities, invaluable insights, and endless referrals in your field.

Besides, interacting with like-minded professionals in your field can help you work on your social skills and confidence, and we all know you’ll need that a lot at work.

Enjoy the Convenience of a Carefully-Crafted CE Course

Your continuing education course is more than an annoying requirement to keep your license. Still, it’s also a tool you can use to grow in your career and reach levels you can only imagine. But you have to do it right and take it seriously if you want it to work wonders for you.

That’s what the team at RocketCert is here for. With easy-to-understand CE courses that are available 24/7 and filled with all the essential information to enhance your career, there’s a lot for you to gain. You can enroll today or reach out to learn more.

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